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Stress, Anxiety and Depression has a way of bogging us down as we tread through the trenches of life but thank goodness there’s a natural prescription to help manage it…

Inevitable Obstacles

Life is always throwing all sorts of things in our path as we attempt to navigate throughout a single day. Congested traffic, a deadline on a project, waiting on results from a major test, screaming children to tend to and the list goes on and on…The effects of stress and anxiety hits us in several ways. There are physical signs( like headaches, tense or sore muscles, trouble sleeping), emotional signs(feeling anxious or depressed).

Carrying everything life throws at you!

Stress can trigger a chain of events if it goes unchecked for too long, it can progress to chronic stress which then be linked to depression! Your cortisol hormone levels will elevate, while serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine(feel good) will decrease. If we stay too stressed for too long it will take a toll mentally & physically.

The Neutralizer

We know we can’t completely eliminate stress but we sure can combat it and keep it under control with regular exercise! One of the main benefits of exercise is how it stimulates our neurotransmitters. It is one of the reasons why we feel better after exercising because it mediates our moods and emotions. Stress relieving benefits:

  • Exercise helps you feel less anxious
  • Exercise relaxes you
  • Exercise make you feel better about yourself
  • Exercise can help you eat better

You feel less anxious because exercise takes away nervous energy and calms tension throughout the body. One workout session can provide you between one and a half to two hours of relaxation response. I like to call this the post-exercise high because endorphins response gives us a similar feel to morphine. There are multiple neurotransmitters activated that improves our mood and leave us relaxed.

You remember those times you did something physically active? Haven’t you felt better about yourself? Self worth and that accomplished feeling plays a part in stress relief. Exercise can influence us to eat better because it can cause us to crave more nutritious foods, which we know that good nutrition helps our body manage stress better.

The Time Is Now

It is now time to overcome S.A.D.(stressanxiety-depression) by us incorporating more physical activity in our daily routines to help prepare us mentally & physically to withstand the hectic demands we constantly face on a regular! We don’t have to start big by running a marathon, we can get going by just walking the block and with each stride we take, the load will feel a bit lighter 🙂

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Are You Searching For The Fountain of Youth?

While many are trying to find it in the next magic pill or secret potion

I’ve realized the more you keep your body moving the chances are you’ll discover that the fountain was in your possession the whole time!

Father Time

We begin to age from the moment we enter this world. As we grow older over the years, if we don’t take care of our bodies, the effect of normal aging will stand out. Our organs and systems will breakdown at a faster rate. Heart disease, arthritis, elevated blood pressure and low back issues are just a few of the areas that we will suffer in.

Other negative effects that will occur include decreased hormone production and weakened elasticity in muscles, skin and blood vessels. I must say, no we can’t stop our biological clock from ticking, but we sure can slow it down and reverse or even prevent many ailments!

Keep Moving

A consistent dose of regular exercise does the body good! It is one of the key components of slowing down the aging process, along with good nutrition which we’ll discuss more on a later blog. Our bodies are meant to move. The human body is an incredible organism that works better when active.

Internally there are countless mechanisms and processes occurring throughout our entire system constantly. If you were able to take a look inside your body you would see that it’s always in motion.

  • 23,000 breaths a day on avg.
  • 100,000 heartbeats per day
  • kidneys process 50 gallons of blood a day

These physiological actions that take place within our body our vital in sustaining life, but with the support of physical activity it can enhance the efficiency of those natural internal actions.

Youthful Benefits

The benefits of exercise will have you looking and feeling much younger than your actual age. Staying physically active can make a person that’s older achieve levels of vigor associated with people 30 years younger. This means that assuming there are no underlying disorders, exercise can make a 60 year old as strong and physically active as a 30 year old! Now that’s what you call the fountain of youth!

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Why Fitness Professionals Are Needed More Than Ever?

Do you wonder why so many people are sick? Why heart disease is at a high? What is causing countless people to be on medications?…..

Over the years I’ve noticed a rapid decline in human beings health. I know many people personally, including family & friends, that are suffering or even passed away due to poor health conditions. It is a major reason why I was inspired to become a fitness professional in the first place! Physical inactivity, poor eating habits and stress can take a toll on your well being if neglected.

Facts Don’t Lie

Despite all the factual evidence proving that physical fitness and good nutrition greatly improves our health, our country is still under an obesity epidemic. Today, about 40 percent of American adults and around 20 percent of children are obese, a rise reflected worldwide, with more people now overweight or obese (1.9 billion)! Excess weight is a major factor driving up medical costs. How does it hit our pockets so heavily? Obesity alone adds up anywhere from 147 billion to 210 billion to yearly U.S. health-care expenses!

How Did We Become So Unfit?

It’s really simple: eating way too much and exercising too little, but the catch is, it’s very difficult for most of us to overcome! In today’s age, with the combination of all the t.v. ads of irresistible treats, easy access of highly-processed foods, and the convenience of technology that lure us to a lifestyle of laziness makes it very difficult to navigate on your own without the help of a fitness professional. Unless you’re very strong-willed and self motivated, it is of great benefit to take advantage of the services provided by a fitness professional to help:

  • motivate
  • guide
  • encourage
  • hold accountable

With the overflow of the latest technologies, information pertaining to health and fitness is easily accessible. The thing is, because of the nature of the media’s use of vague headlines along with radio and television sound bites that provide us limited, confusing, and mostly conflicting recommendations it is my job as a fitness professional to provide you the information with a proper perspective.

Here To Help!

I’m here to do all I can to help guide people in getting their health back, which in return will keep money in your pocket by minimizing unnecessary health care costs and more importantly help save a life so it won’t be cut short, keeping you around longer to cherish loved ones!

If you need Personal Training or Nutrition Coaching please visit my website and complete the contact form.

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